Internship at IGT- Technical Artist 05/2021-09/2021​​​​​​​
University of Applied Sciences GrazMedia Design Master 
Internship at IGT- Technical Artist 07/2019-12/2019
Internship at Polyzwei - 3D-Artist 03/2019-06/2019

HGV Kräutergarten - Graphic Design 07/2017-02/2018
University of Applied Sciences GrazInformationsdesign, BA 10/2016-07/2019
Lasertron Süd - Game Operator 12/2015-10/2016
Gamestop - Sales Assistant 03/2015-09/2015

Internship at Bonnie Bones - Fashion Designer London 
Fashionschool Graz - A Levels 09/2009-05/2014
Started with fashion design, across layouting and logo design to 2D animation and 3D modeling.
Nature and technology are two different but important interests for me. Our environment and ecology is always in my mind but I‘m also very technically-minded. So, assembling and putting together a new PC or furniture is what makes me happy.
Another recognition why choosing this way of spending my work future was the best idea.
My best ideas emerge in my head late at night and don‘t let me go till everything has a point. I‘m searching for meaningful work where I can get totally lost in, therefore I don‘t want to keep them to myself and rather tell those to team members, so I get new and better inspiration. 
My concentrated passion takes computer games, which are a part of my life since.. ahem.. ever! I got to know a lot of new things through playing video games.