date: 2020-2021

Joy Story is the idea of a 3D animated TV series. It follows a group of young sex toys struggling with real life problems while going to the sex toy school, called the Fucking Academy. They find and lose friends, struggle with bullies or teachers, question their purpose and develop and improve their abilities that make them unique or come to terms with the fact that they are just one of many. We experience most of the stories through the eyes of an anxious and undefined toy which itself doesn’t even know what it is or what it can do.

Story/Concept: Meike Simons, Yariv Lidor, Jordan Sitzwohl, Susanne Mostögl, Laura Aschbacher
Character Design/Rigging: Madeleine Haider,  Marie Dokter
Environment Design: Kerstin Oswald, Marie Dokter
Animation: Kerstin Oswald, Marie Dokter, Jordan Sitzwohl
Sound Design: Hannah Brühweiler, Madeleine Haider

During production, I mainly worked on the 3D environment and 3D assets. The biggest part after that was setting up the cameras and animating two of our characters for the final video. I'm part of the Social Media and Art Department, where I'm responsible for creating layouts for print media and renderings for Instagram. In addition to that we printed our characters and painted them.